Laura T Emery
Laura T Emery

I am on constant quest for knowledge, and have a love for action, adventure and humor entangled with a good love story. I write lighthearted tales with a fantasy element that will hopefully leave you with an interesting, previous unknown, fact or two.

Writing books is a great excuse for doing research in faraway places. My quest to make my writing as authentic as possible has taken me all over the United States, many countries in Africa, and to Florence, Italy on several occasions.

My current project,book three in the Remains Series, due out in early 2017, takes place on the Native American reservation of Havasupai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I spent time in that wondrous place with a counsel leader and traditional practitioner learning all I could about the customs of these fascinating people, and look forward to bringing you Remains of the Descendant, the story of Alex Uqualla.

Once a week, I take a break from my serious writing to host a reverse Mad Lib game where I ask Facebook followers for a word and I turn them all into a (usually inappropriate) Flash Fiction story. To join my game, find me on Facebook.