Flash Fiction Fun with Words Provided by Online Friends August 4th, 2017

“I got us back stage passes to Laconic Loser Friday night!” Andrea screams as if she might be incontinent at the prospect.
Kathleen just licks her ice cream, unimpressed.
“There’s gonna be fireworks after the show.” Andrea knits her brows. “Why aren’t you excited, you nincompoop?”
Kathleen absently pulls at a stitch on her scapular cloak sleeve, then picks up her fidget spinner. “Is it humid in here?”
“No you just ate too many peppercorns at dinner.” Andrea sits back in her chair. “Now spill. What’s going on?”
Kathleen sighs. Andrea’s insights are always right on target. “I’m getting tired of the whole groupie thing, Andrea. That version of obstreperous joyful merriment will just end with me flashing my tatas and getting arrested for indecent exposure . . . again.”
“Are you experiencing some kind of convoluted depression? Where is your groupie spirit? We’re hanging with Limerance on Saturday!”
“You see that’s thing.” Kathleen gives a sly smile. “I can’t.”
“Why?” Andrea asks in frustration.
“I’ve met someone.” Kathleen replies and Andrea’s mouth gapes open when Matt Cameron from Pearl Jam walks in and gives Kathleen a kiss.


Andrea Randall, Barbie Urteaga, Bridgett, Brooklyn, Cheryl Albertelli, Chris, Donna Wolz, Gene, James A Emery Jr,  Joanie Sanders, Julia Mason, Julian White, Kathleen Herbert, Lisa, Mare Gorrell, Nenette M., Paco, Robin, Robyn K, Sharyn, Suzan, Teresa


convoluted, depression, fidget spinner, fireworks, humid, ice cream, incontinent, indecent exposure, joyful, knit, limerance, loser, merriment, ninconpoop, Pearl Jam, peppercorns, scapular, spirit, stitch, target, tatas


laconic—using very few words.

obstreperous—noisy and difficult to control.



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