Flash Fiction: February 3, 2017


I decided to pitch my idea for a Youtube channel, seeking positive vibes from James. “I want to do something reminiscent of Webs and Tiaras with ponies and a troll!” Just talking about my sumptuous idea was exhilarating.

His face was less than ecstatic.

“We could a Groudhog Day special and have that pony with all the rainbows peace out on a tropical island watching narwhals and a groovy sun conure. Suddenly, a spaceship lands and a cantankerous troll emerges.”

I take a moment to let the image sink in.

“Flash forward to a summer wedding in the plush and frivolous opulence of Xanadu, petrichor in the air. Then cut to a multiple orgasm honeymoon. It’ll be like “The Notebook” with herpes! And imagine their offspring!”

I guess his look of surprise was inevitable after my misguided histrionic tirade, but I was still optimistic that he would help.

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