Flash Fiction Fun with Words Provided by Facebook Friends: March 10, 2017

“What the bibble is that? It smells like a slurry of beaver, dingos and skunk farts!” one Oompa Loompa said to another.

Thank you!” The Ooompa Loompa chef who called himself “Clown” said as he mixed the ocean of liquid turd.  “President Wonka loved my reckless behavior in the kitchen. My chocolate is gonna be a gland slam!”

“Are you on drugs? You don’t really believe that farce!” the Oompa Loompa called “Bibliophile” replied, shaking.  “You’re a fraud! That melee of mashugana is terrible for your well being at best!”There is no way Willy would promote that snafu.”

Bibliophile watched Willy romp through the kitchen’s proscenium after his Free Mason meeting. “I plan to promote it on all the networks, Bibliophile.” Willy held up a cardstock poster featuring a volumetric analysis of the smelly chocolate. “Here is the beginning of our demagoguery campaign appealing to masses’ hedonistic side.”

“What the Jupitor? Have you abandoned all jnana?” Bibliophile asked, feeling oppressed by the chocolate monster. “Does that even meet compliance? I hope you have some exculpatory evidence planned for when you get sued!”

Clown and Willy laughed.

“Its Oompa Fools day!” Clown said. He held up a Dracula marionette as a final blow to Bibliophile’s fear of vampirism and linonopupaphobia, scaring him out of the kitchen theater.


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