Flash Fiction: Halloween Edition!



“I’m inviting Dracula to serve as Pumpkin King while Jack is on vacation,” said Frankenstein, Frankenweenie at his side.

“Thank you!” Dracula replied, his fangs dripping with blood.

The witch went berserk, spilling the contents of her cauldron . “No! We can’t have that gruesome slime as our invigilator. You remember the macabre scene when he decapitated Dragon after the Completely Bitten scandal, leaving her egg an orphan.”

“I wasn’t responsible for that savagery,” Dracula said.

The gargoyle shifter rose from his swamp, his stench horrific. “I nominate Spooky the Ghost.”

Awesomeness,” said Spooky. “I promise Goobers and a tantalizing chocolate kiss for everyone!”

“Why that gruesome clown?” asked the sasquatch in a bloodcurdling tone. “That ghoulish hellhound is prejudice against creatures that aren’t white!”

Spooky moved through the spider webs toward sasquatch in a cryptic manner and yelled, “Boo!!!!!”

Robin Hood jumped through the eerie trees. “I shall lead you!”

“What is that?” the Dracula asked.

“It’s ghastly!” said Frankenstein.

“Its creepy!” said the sasquatch.

“Its squashy!” said the gargoyle.

“I’ll get rid of it!” the witch used her witchcraft to Robin Hood disappear.

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