Flash Fiction: January 13, 2017


Oscar the Grouch was forced to absquatulate from Sesame Street after his last scandalous #notmypresident tweet. It didn’t help that his insane abasiophilia was made public the week before. The whole ordeal sent Oscar spelunking into a suicidal funk, no doubt fueled by too much Merlot, Michelada and Fiddle-Faddle.

 But euphoria took over when a surprise idea struck the un-saintly Grouch. “I’ll start my own magnifico show for the multiverse to see!” He yelled during a journey to Ikea.

His hopeful attitude didn’t last long when the only castmates he could get were the persnickety Ladybug from A Bug’s Life, a soulful tumblebug, and two precocious scabies named Pip and Shiva.

“STOP!!” Oscar yelled during the first day of filming. “You influenza ridden stereocilia have dung all over the set!”

“It wasn’t me,” Pip said.

“You’re a liar!” Shiva bellowed over the mock palisade.

Oscar decided then to have his team of ignoble lawyers protest for his job back, so he could return to his trashcan.

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