Flash Fiction: July 15, 2016

Donna Owens caused pure pandemonium when she stormed through the eclectic Christmas potluck searching for Pokemon.  Her once relaxed coworkers, now gaped with disbelief as she knocked over the roses and veronique, splashing water onto the oblong tray of vegan pumpernickel puddlewaddles, and goat cheese beignets.

Donna was oblivious to the fact that they just wanted peace. A time to dance and romance in a relaxed atmosphere, taking a break from their otherwise onerous jobs.

Karen screamed “duck!” to Donna as she slid with ambidextrous ease between the legs of the engineer referred to as “Anachronistic Scum.

Are you possessed by Mephistopheles?” he asked. “I can’t imagine why you’re right next to my balls!”

Bazinga!” Donna squealed as she aimed her phone at his dinglehopper. “I caught a bodacious whipsnake Pokemon! And a lion chupacabra one with my flic!

“Is this a conspiracy?” Their pedagogue of a boss asked. When he stood up from his piano sonata to pontificate his objections to Donna’s quixotic behavior, he accidently knocked over a vacuum onto his pomawama, turning the dog into a tragic paralytic.

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