Flash Fiction: November 18, 2016


By Brooklyn Emery

Stephen, the elf, was at the biggest gym meet of his life. He wore his lucky flannel because boy did he want to be a winner. His only competitors were a precocious snowman from the South Pole, an enderman from hell, and a fluffy horse from who knows where.

Stephen was not only a dynamic gymnast. He was a music lover who had dreams of going to Carnegie Hall for a concert, but had no money. He only had a part time job in Santa’s workshop. Despite every happy pegasus or unicorn ornament he hung, or how much chocolate or licorice candy he stuffed in stockings, he was anything but jolly.

Right before his turn at the meet, an amazing volatile brain fart came to him. It was like a magical light bulb filled with sparkles and love. And from that point forward he was ferociously determined to win, not only for the glory, but for the money.

With a gasp, he leaped into a single leg swing up, leading to a shooting star. And by now, you probably know, that Stephen won the meet, and all the money. The first thing he bought was an iPhone. When his shipment came a debonair kittyconnoisseur of art and beauty—handed him his package. With his new phone, Stephen wanted to play Pokemon Go.

He planned to eat more than just a popcorn ball for dinner for once He could now afford to eat Pringles, sushi, squash, and crustaceans. He felt very verklempt until he realized he was sinking in a diametric slough with marbles in his throat and a platypus gnawing on his ankles.



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